SABEL Consult grew out of a twenty year passion for using technology to help Australia’s leading sportsmen and women, transforming health through technology and dabbling in a few other industries. Founding and leading SABEL Labs and the Queensland Sports Technology Cluster Dan found himself on a few boards and providing a broader range of services to wider industry as well. As as business savvy scientist and technologist he’s looking forward to working with you.

Daniel James (PhD, MBA)

Daniel James is a career innovator of small technologies for industry and research environments. Originally a physicist by training his deep domain expertise in the technical skills disciplines have been broadened by industry experience and graduate business study. He is an experienced innovation R&D director and has consulted widely for elite sports, health, research and consumer electronics organisations for product development. His work is well published and has had significant media attention.

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Client base

Awards and accolades

Some awards achieved personally and for clients.

2020 Editorial Board, Sensors Journal

2017 Honorary Fellow, Charles Darwin University

2016 Advance Queensland Community Digital Community Champion

2015 Queensland’s Top 50 Thinkers, Sunday Mail feature liftout, Queensland Newspapers

2014 TechConnect World & National Innovation Summit Finalist, Washington

2014 Best Digital Health and Fitness Product, CES2014, Engadget, Best wearable tech Slasher (For Jaybird/Logitech)

2013 Pro Vic Chancellors’s research award, Griffith University, Best research group

2013 Best paper award, Journal of Sports Engineering

2011 Finalist, Co-winner, National IT Invention Test

2008 Best Poster “Performance Enhancement and Basic Science”. Sports Medicine Australia Annual Conference

2007 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship

2006 ISPO-TUM ACADEMIC CHALLENGE AWARD, International sports community and Technical University of Munich. First prize “competitive sports” and overall winner

2006 Appointed as a senior member of the international IEEE engineering association

2005 Science Media Fellow ABC/ Australian Academy of Science